The Atlanta Interfaith Community presents "Blessings for Beloved Community"Gathering

Atlanta’s Interfaith Community welcomes you to pray with us in the New Year. We’ll pray together for our Beloved Community - where all Americans live in harmony in the New Year.


Thu, January 14, 2021

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST



Our youth will join the discussion, and you can participate, too. Our lives. . . our hope . . . our future are bound together. The Interfaith Children’s Movement and its interfaith partners are hosting a prayer event in which they raise their voices, TOGETHER, to pray and hope for Beloved Community in 2021. The program - one hour - will be live with prayers from many faiths, and interactive exploration of how Beloved Community can be achieved in these fraught times. Hosted by Rev. William Flippin Jr. Featuring a diverse panel of faith speakers, including youth speakers. Different faith leaders are coming “together” during a live virtual prayer event to acknowledge the challenges 2020 presented us and ring in the new year 2021 with hope, guidance, and encouragement to continue to speak up for children. Why join the event? 2020 was a zinger of a year. We need some time to join our multi-faith friends from the Georgia community to pray and share hope for our community’s children and their families. Early planning indicates this will be an inspiring event and forum that you will not want to miss. The best part is you get a chance to participate in the discussion. Our theme? From a multi-faith community perspective, how do we heal from the griefs of the year past? We’ll pray together for our Beloved Community - where all Americans live in harmony in the New Year. ICM is on a roll. Our 20th annual ICM Interfaith Prayer Celebration & Children's Sabbath in late October drew rave reviews: “The youth’s comments about the future filled us with hope.” “Their talent was a gift to experience.” “Mrs. Edelman was inspiring.” “The stories told by youth about their successes and passions brought both laughs and tears.” “Wow! An hour went by in a heartbeat!” ICM is a bridge between the interfaith and the child advocacy communities. We want you to bring your voice. Vector illustrations on these page proudly provided by

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